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Your new rates will be available to view online from 1 March 2024. There are no changes to your current Gas or LPG rates. New rates apply to your electricity rates only.

Below is some important information about your account with us.


Changes to Your Plan 

From 1 March, 2024, you can view your new electricity and gas rates by entering your Account Number below.

Your new energy rates will come into effect on 1 April 2024.  

These changes are a result of the rising cost of energy supply and inflation. We’re conscious of increasing household costs and understand this is a difficult time for many. We’ve made every effort to minimise this impact. 

If you have broadband with us, your plan will increase by $6 a month from 1 April 2024. We have a range of plans to suit your usage. You can view our plans online. 

If you have any questions, please view our FAQs.


We're here to help

Our Pay it Forward Programme provides support to customers experiencing energy hardship and has helped over 4,000 customers since the Programme launched in 2020. If you’re struggling to pay your bill, please email our Customer Care Team to discuss payment options.  


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