About us

Black Box NZ found the perfect partner in Pulse Energy to provide a low cost Electricity and Gas plan for their Black Box Members.

Pulse Energy is a 100% community owned energy retailer who is dedicated to providing a good honest Kiwi service to its customers.

Unlike the big guys, at Black Box Power we won’t trick you with a prompt payment discount – adding on the discount that should have been applied to start with. Instead, we offer you a low price upfront.

We also offer no long term contracts. If you wish to leave for any reason, you are free to do so.

All customers receive a free Black Box NZ Silver Membership which means you are guaranteed at least one Black Box per year! You will also receive a complementary Welcome Box when you sign up.

Our rates Black Box NZ


  • 185,000 members NZ wide 
  • 100% kiwi owned
  • 120,000 Black Boxes sent out each year
  • Proudly working with New Zealand’s most innovative brands
  • Over 80,000 customers throughout NZ
  • 100% community owned
  • The power behind South Island Super Rugby
  • Pulse Energy is owned by Pioneer Energy in Alexandra, Buller Electricity in Westport and Electra Energy in Levin
  • Electricity and Gas services designed exclusively for Black Box customers
  • Cheap power, no long term contracts*
  • Black Box Silver Membership
  • Kiwi customer service