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Are you looking to save money on your power bill? 

Black Box Power offers low cost Electricity and Gas to Black Box Members.

All customers receive a free Black Box NZ Silver Membership which means you are guaranteed at least one Black Box per year! You will also receive a complementary Welcome Box when you sign up. 


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Benefits of joining Black Box Power

No Long Term Contracts

We do not lock our customers into long term contracts. You can leave free of charge at any time.

Low Price Upfront

We wont trick you with any Prompt Payment Discounts. Instead you will get the discounted price all the time.

Black Box Silver Membership

As a Black Box Power customer, you will get complimentary Black Box Silver Membership. This means guaranteed Black Boxes every year you remain a customer with us.

Natural Gas and LPG

By combining your electricity and gas account you will receive our All Energy Discount.