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If you switch to Black Box Power, we will upgrade you to Black Box Silver Membership, which means not only cheaper power, but more black boxes every year you stay with us!

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    No Tricks. No Catch. No Long Term Contracts.
    Just Cheaper Power* and More Black Boxes.

    Pay No More

    Price Promise*

    With Black Box Power, we promise that we will beat the combination of fixed and variable electricity rates you are on with your current retailer* at the time of our offer, assuming you pay on time.

    No Long Term Contracts

    No Long Term

    We won’t lock you into any long term contracts with stiff termination fees. If for some reason you need to leave us, you can terminate free of charge provided you give us 30 day’s notice**.

    No Tricks

    Low Price Upfront

    We wont trick you with any Prompt Payment Discounts. Instead you will get the discounted price all the time.

    Black Box Silver Membership

    Black Box Silver Membership

    As a Black Box Power customer, you will get complimentary Black Box Silver Membership. This means guaranteed Black Boxes every year you remain a customer with us.

    * Price Promise applies to the combination of fixed and variable electricity rates and delivery charges you are on with your current retailer at the time of our offer. Residential customers only and excludes spot priced plans. ** No early termination fee applies with 30 days’ notice. The normal fee is $150.